Babies 23, 24 and 25- The boys were catching up, not so much now

Little Malcolm is really bright and grows more and more each day, Soon he will be a child, then a teen then Leaving my home so whenever possible, I give him hugs, I love them at this age.

Soon it is birthday time again, I take the triplets to blow out their candles and they age into Adorable Little Boys.

Benedict as a child, He has rolled the loves the cold trait, well at least I have no problem with encouraging him to explore the outdoors.

Bernard rolled the Ambitous trait

And little Blake became Neurotic.

The Quads also had their birthday and grew into Teens, life is about to become great fun with Five Teenagers in the house plus 3 little boys and My Baby Malcolm.

Thomas has a keen eyes for pictures, he rolled the Photographer’s Eye trait and spends hours taking photo’s

Aaliyah is a bookworm always with her head in a book, she loves the Library and will spend hours on end reading

Abigail is very Displined.

And young Adam rolled the Genius Trait.

Bernard loves the spring riders, He plays on the rocket one shouting, I am flying to the moon to meet some Aliens

Time Flies by and soon, Annabel has grown into a Beautiful Young Woman. She moves out to start her own life.

Meet Baby Daddy 12 Jacen.

While the kids are at school and Malcolm is having his nap, I decide to make a snowman, sometimes I am just a big kid at heart

The Next day is Thursday and It’s Snowflake day so I and the kids go to the winter festival

I go snowboarding, It’s great fun going up and down the ramps and trying new tricks and stunts

Thomas loves Ice-skating, he wanted to skate on the lake but I thought this was best seeing as he’s a novice at this

Later that Night, I spend at the toilet, I wonder why it’s called Morning Sickness

I have another Grand- Daughter, This is Jamie the daughter of Naomi but she ended up with my hair not her mother’s.

Abi is a great help with her younger siblings, she read Blake his bedtime story tonight so I could catch up on my painting

Then it’s time for Birthday’s again, The Quads went first.

Thomas grew into an Handsome Young Man, He hates the outdoors and he wants to collect many painting to decorate his home, he headed off to Uni to study for a fine arts degree.

Aaliyah grows into a beautiful young Woman, She rolled the Perceptive traits and wants to become an P.I, She moved to Twinbrook to join the p.i company there til she can afford to make it on her own.

Young Abigail as a Young Adult, She rolled the Childish trait and she wants to become an Alchemy Artistan

And finally Adam rolled the Loner trait and he wants to become a doctor

Then it was time for the triplet’s teen birthday.

Benedict rolled the Born salesman trait, Maybe he can help my paintings bring in more money

Bernard rolled the Kleptomaniac trait

And Blake rolled the Proper trait, well that’s just funny

Malcolm has his child birthday, He grows into an Adorable little boy who has no sense of Humor

Then Labour arrives, Well at least I saw my kids grow up fast and gave the Quads their Goodbye Hug.

Meet Baby 23 Fawn, She rolled Athletic and Eccentric traits.

Baby 24 is another girl, the Image of her daddy with just my eyes, she rolled Artistic and Slob Traits, I call her Electra

And baby 25, my Quarter baby is the male version of Electra and he rolled Clumsy and Friendly traits. I call him Walker

Baby 22- My Golden Haired Sweetie Pie


Young Abi is a big help with the triplets, she will pull a stool to the fridge and get out the boys milk when they are hungry.


I am still a child some days, I just had to play with the leaves after they had been raked and yes all these leaves are just from the kids area, the tree’s are really moulting around here


Blake loves water, everyday when waking up he will hold his arms out and point to the bath, he loves splashing in the bath, I get a free shower every morning


Blake is also very logical, he already recognises his shapes and can put them in the right place


Meet Baby Daddy 11, Lemonade Blast, he has bright yellow hair and green eyes, Perfect for my challenge


Aaliyah is a very popular child who is always bringing friends home, Today it is Eathan and they talk about the cold weather and how they want snow so they can make a snowman and have snowball fights


The Most hated part of my pregnancy has arrived, Yes you guessed it, Morning Sickness.


Abi and Liyah are very close and they are always gossiping about something, I wonder what it or who it is now


My bump arrived and It’s quite small so maybe I’ll have a single birth this time


Snuggle time with Blake, I really need to go shopping, my clothes bank is very low stocked, Blake is sleeping in pants

Screenshot-8 (2)

Annabel becomes a beautiful teen with a knack for computers, she spends all her time on them, I wonder what is of such great interest to her

Screenshot-17 (2)

Beatrice grows into a beautiful young Woman ready to take on the world,  She adores Dogs and wants to befriend them, She moves in with her older siblings and gets a job at the local pet shelter, it doesn’t pay much but she’s happy

Screenshot-7 (2)

I am now a Grandmother, My Daughter Pearl (Baby 7) and her Husband James Quinn have an adorable baby girl called Kara, she has tanned skin, red hair and eyes.


Blake has got bored of the peg box and now wants to be the next Mozart, well not really there’s no tune to his banging but he’s entertaining himself so I have nothing to complain about


Labour soon arrives and as per usual I am busy, I was making pancakes for the kids breakfast this time


My 22nd Child is Another boy who I call Malcom, He is an Couch Potato who loves the outdoors and a right cutie with his Blond hair, pale skin and Golden eyes

Babies 19, 20 and 21- The Boys are catching up

Abi- Pegbox


Abi is such a musical baby, she loves banging on the xylophone and singing along to the beat of the music.

Baby Daddy 10- Razzleberry Tart

Meet Baby Daddy 10, Razzleberry Tart

Amanda- YAAlexander- YA Alice- YA


The Triplets have their birthdays and age into Young Adults, Amanda becomes Grumpy and wants to join a music orchestra  Alex is now a workaholic who wants to explore the world and Alice is Brooding and wants to visit France , China and Egypt. Amanda moves in with some friends and gets a job at the local theater and Alex and Alice go backpacking with some friends, I wish them well

Beatrice- Teen


Beatrice grows up into a beautiful daredevil teen, up for anything.



Young Thomas loves the blocks table, he loves shaking the blocks,



Adam prefers eating the dolls



I am just about to feed the quads when I feel the first kick



Annabel loves the bunny toy, I am the super bunny and I can fly, she cries moving the toy around in the air



She also loves playing pretend, I am a princess she cries, I am walking to the throne



Annabel is a big help, she even rakes the leaves now, I am getting too big to do it

Thomas- Child Aaliyah- Child Abigail- Child Adam- Child


The quads have their birthday and grow into adorable children. Thomas is quite shy, Aaliyah is Easily Impressed, Abigail is Perceptive and young Adam is Hot-headed, A Fun bunch of kids.



I am about to clean up last nights hotdogs when I go into Labour, Well at least the house is empty so no panicking kids, I give birth to triplets.

Benedict- Toddler


My 19th Child Benedict is the image of his dad with his pale skin, purple hair and violet eyes, He rolled Clumsy and Easily Impressed Traits

Bernard- Toddler


Baby 20 has tanned skin, Purple hair and Golden eyes, He has the same traits as Bene, I call him Bernard



and Finally Baby 21 Blake rolled Brave and Couch Potato Traits, he is the image of me with his tanned skin, pink hair and golden eyes

Babies 15, 16, 17 and 18- Quads!!! and finally more boys

It’s Birthday time again.

Screenshot-43 (2) Screenshot-38 (2)

The Twins had their birthday first and aged into beautiful young women. Tabitha loves reading and wants to collect beautiful pictures and paintings, she has got a job at the Local Art Gallery whereas Sister Naomi  is childish and wants to become a famous author, she has got a job waittressing at the local bistro, the girls move in with some friends to start their adult life’s.

Screenshot-35 (2) Screenshot-32 (2) Screenshot-34 (2)e

Then it’s the triplets birthday, They age into cute teens, Amanda is a born saleswoman, Alex is Lucky and Alice is a bookworm

Screenshot-40 (2)

Beatrice ages into a cute child who is very excitable.

Screenshot-36 (2)

and Little Annabel grows into an adorable toddler with her blue eyes, tanned skin and Lilac Hair.


Meet Baby Daddy 9, Levi Mahoney, I wonder if my kids will get his unique genetics.

Screenshot-2 Screenshot-7

Both Annabel and Beatrice love the block table but for very Different reasons, Little Annabel loves shaking and banging the blocks together to make music whereas Beatrice loves making structures saying they are castles and homes, Maybe she’ll be an Artitect when she grows up.


Beatrice also loves the boat ride outside, I am sailing away she cries as she rocks back and forth


Alex has become quite sporty, always playing darts but mostly missing, Maybe he’ll get better with time


Annabel is a very musical child, she loves banging on the xylophone and singing along


Alice never stops reading, she needs a membership at the Libarby


Today Beatrice is a princess preparing to take the throne


Annabel loves pretending to be a giant and chewing on the dolls heads


She also loves the rocket, here she is flying to the moon

Time flies by and soon Little Annabel is a cute child who has become quite evil, should be fun

Annabel- Child


I go into Labour and give birth to not one, not two but four babies, two girls and two Boys

The Oldest Quad and my 15th Child Thomas is born with Exictable and Brave traits, He is the only Quad with pale skin,  He has dark hair and green eyes


Baby 16 is Aaliyah, she rolled Friendly and Clumsy traits, She has dark hair, purple skin and my golden eyes.


Baby 17 is another girl Abigail, She rolled Clumsy and Heavy sleeper traits, she has purple skin, dark hair and green eyes


and finally the youngest Quad, Adam rolled Heavy sleeper and Friendly traits, he has purple skin, dark hair and green eyes


Baby 14- A full house of Girls and only one boy

Soon it is birthday time again, the children need to have lots of birthdays to make space for new arrivals seeing as I want 100 children.


Pearl ages into an beautiful young Woman ready to take on the world, She wants to have many friends and moved in with some friends from school, I hope she has a career and family in mind too or a least one

Screenshot-140 Screenshot-144

Tabitha and Naomi age into beautiful but Individual teens, Tabitha cut her curly hair short whereas young Naomi kept it long and loose, Tabitha has become very Ambitious and Naomi loves cats.

Screenshot-138 Screenshot-136 Screenshot-137

The triplets age into adorable children, Amanda is a big fan of Supernaturals- Fairies, were-wolfs  vampires, ghosts you name it she wants to befriend and meet them all, Alexander is handy, good soon he will be able to fix things around the house and little Alice is very Adventurous always talking about and wanting to travel the world.


Little Beatrice is an Adorable little toddler with her tanned skin, rosy cheeks ,golden eyes and Jet black hair.


I go and get impregnanted again, Meet Baby Daddy 8 Gumther Drop


Little Beatrice loves the outdoor play area especially the toy box, she will hide inside and play there for hours if she was let


Naomi loves the water slide, woo-hoo she shouts as she slides down it


and everyone loves the pool, the triplets are always found here either swimming or relaxing by the pool


Summer is drawing to an end so I take the kids to the summer festival before it leaves for another year

Screenshot-165 Screenshot-166

We get our picture taken as a family, I may start doing these all the time to show my family as it changes


Alice buys a snow cone in her favorite strawberry flavor and eats it

Screenshot (2)

Amanda gets bored of the festival and heads home to play royal court, she loves playing pretend

Screenshot-5 (2)

Little Beatrice finally goes inside and finds a new toy, the dolls house, she mostly pulls and chews on the dolls heads

Screenshot-15 (2) Screenshot-19 (2)


Alice and Alex love the rocket spring rider, they will spend hours rocking back and forth on it

Screenshot-28 (2)


Labour soon arrives just as I get back from a relaxing swim

Screenshot-30 (2)


Meet Baby 14, She’s Hot-headed and a natural born performer, I call her Annabel

Baby 13- Another Girl!!!

I recieved a letter the other day from an Law firm in Apploosa Plains, I had been left an house there by Great Aunt Greta and it looked perfect for my growing family so I packed told the kids and we were on our way.

Screenshot-35 Screenshot-37

After getting the ferry from the plane to our new home, We went exploring, In the garden is a water slide, that looks like great fun for me as well as the kids, an Sandpit, Kids play area with spring riders and swings and a tree house, A pool with Lounge chairs and an hot tub.


The House has three floors and on the top floor is the hobby room where the kids and I can sculp, play Foosball, Darts and Musical Instruments.


On the Middle floor are two easels where I can paint my masterpieces, a computer and the boys and girls rooms with en suite bathrooms.


Downstairs is the master bedroom, bathroom and a nursery for the youngest of my children, It has three cots just perfect for my little triplets, There is also the kitchen and a dining room with Birthday celebrations area and a small living room.

After we moved in and had settled in, it was time to christen the birthday area, that’s right, It’s time for birthdays again


Sapphire ages up into an Beautiful Young Woman, She’s very Artistic like me and wants to become an World Famous Artitect, She says her goodbye before heading off to start her internship at Cross and sons Design, I wish her luck and make her promise to stay in touch.


Pearl is now an teenager, she looks more and more like her dad as she gets older, She has become quite Charismatic.

Screenshot-47 Screenshot-52

Tabitha and Naomi age into beautiful children,  Tabitha has become quite Perceptive and Naomi is always reading.

Screenshot-44 Screenshot-42 Screenshot-46

The Triplets age into cute toddlers, They all have their father’s skin tone  Amanda is the image of her dad with her purple hair and eyes, Alex has my pink hair but his dad’s violet eyes and Little Alice has her dad’s hair but my golden eyes.


After the birthdays, Naomi and Tabitha head straight to the see-saw to play, I can go really high shouts Tabitha and Naomi says let’s try the swings next

Screenshot-70 Screenshot-64

While Naomi is having fun on the swings, Tabitha tries out the rocket spring rider, I am flying to the moon she cries, Zoom Zoom as she rocks back and forth.


It is a lovely day outside so Pearl decides to teach her little Brother Alex to talk, Stars are all around and above us, she says, Alex points to the sky and says Star.


Tabitha has found the tree house  she climbs  to the top and using a telescope she made out of cards looks all around the garden and shouts Hi Everybody, Look at me.



Meanwhile Alice crawls to the peg box and starts banging shapes in random holes, Look Mummy she cries Square and tries to fit it in a circle hole,



Amanda much prefers the nursery and the colored blocks at the play table that she can shake, bang and pretend to look through



Pregnancy bump soon Arrives, OOps forgot to tell you, I got impregnated by Korey Mahoney, Here’s a quick pic


Screenshot-130 Screenshot-134




Soon it is time to give birth again, Luckily I am in the Nursery when I go into Labour, I give birth to another Girl, She is Handy and Easily Impressed, I call her Beatrice